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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Best Travel / Tourist Template - Themeforest

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How To Launch/Run windows Instances In Eucalyptus Using Instance store-backed Instances

In Previous Blog, Explained early How To Create Image file (IMG) for Windows In Eucalyptus. Now, today really going to see very Interesting that the continuation of  Image creation which is explained as earlier blogger. Once EMI (Eucalyptus Machine Image)  is ready for the any instance like windows, Linux...

Then, you Need to Run that created EMI image file for windows Instance Running in your Cloud Environment ie.., simply called the setup of Private cloud for accessing the windows Instance.

Step:1 Create a security group and add a rule to allow 3389 port (RDP) - Remote Desktop Protocol
  I hope You aware of that, If you wants to access the Windows Machine need RDP connection so that the corresponding Port will be the 3389.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How To Bundle, Upload & Register the Windows IMG file Into Eucalyptus (Cloud-In-A-Box)

In My Previous Blog, To Be part Of continuation of  Windows Instance Creation  in the Eucalyptus (Cloud). If you all thinking on this Same, below steps will help you to Run the windows Image on Eucalyptus. Before start that you people aware of Three Thing. ie.., Bundle, Upload and Register. Bundle and Upload the windows IMG Disk image will store in the Walrus that is the storage area in Eucalyptus simply related to AWS of S3( Simple, Storage, Service). Finally, By Register the windows Image will make upload into the Eucalyptus for Run the Windows Instances.

Step-1 Locate your Directory, under where You have "windows IMG" file. To do this open Terminal from your Linux Machine and refer my follow Image.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

How to Create Windows (.img) File Using Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool

This is the continuation of my previous blog about to Create Windows (.img) File Using Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool, before Getting into start Using Virto Manager to Create Windows OS

Now, I hope you aware of create windows OS on using Virto Manager. Once this steps is completed you need to create IMG file of windows OS so that only you able to create Image and Run the Instances on Eucalyptus.Now, Your question is how to do this? so following steps help to create the IMG of the windows OS. This is the tool which is called "Eucalyptus Integration Tool" by using this we can able to  create the IMG file Of windows OS. DO why we Doing this? Because Eucalyptus will only support an IMG file of file to create the Instance in Eucalyptus.

Still, you people hard to understood, so that i'll explain with example. See, if You wants to Configure a Operating System to your Desktop or Laptop, you should need ISO file for your respective Operating System going to configure on your machine. By the same if you wants to create OS like Windows, Linux... so that Eucalyptus support IMG of your respective Operating System.

Easy Steps To create Windows Image Using Virto Manager On Eucalyptus with Picture

Once You successfully Installed  Eucalyptus called (Cloud-In-A-Box) on your system. Next, your thinking is How To create windows instances? this same question arises on my mind when I doing this? Don't worry here is the following steps to do this same. Before creating windows machine that you should know why we do this? Because by default only Centos Image only available on your Eucalyptus Installed System.  

Before going to create "windows 2008 image", Please go through the following instructions carefully.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Two Steps Solution for setup Cloud Computing - Private Cloud using Eucalyptus

All thinking to setup cloud, what is cloud-computing? that you people looking for have resources like (Application, Storage, Network....)  in your cloud environment so that once you are ready with cloud then your are the admin of your cloud. Now sounds good!.. But your thinking is How can I do this? 

If you feel hard to understood, here i'm trying to saying to setup PRIVATE CLOUD to know more about this Read More On my Previous Blog.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Single Command Steps To Install Virtual Machine Manager On Linux Machine

 I have Done this to know that the Redhat Linux, KVM will supports the multiple operating systems as a virtual guest including the windows OS.So I have planned to do myself on my machine and Its working Fine. KVM does not support Vmware workstation that is hosted Redhat Linux, About this I'll explain it on my another Blog. So Now, I suggest You To install  directly on the Redhat Linux on your Host Machine hardware for supporting KVM to work.

To Configure this KVM that the purpose of setup "Virtual Machine Manager" In Linux Machine For Creating Instances In Eucalyptus.

Step By Step Installation Guide For Virtual Machine Manager- Support Virto Manager

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How To Install Vmware ESXi 5.1 on Vmware Workstation - Type-2 Hypervisor

Before I Proceed with Install the Vmware ESXi on Vmware Workstation  to setup an Virtualization Layer for an cloud environment.You people should aware of virtualization. Why we need this? What's using by using this Vmware tool of virtualization? so you please Refer my Previous Blog for your Better Understand Read More on my another blog of Virtualization .........

I hope now you get more knowledge on Virtualization, It basically represents the "separate the operating system from Hardware". Here, I suggest you to go for Vmware product to setup an virtualization layer for an successful and easy to usage  for a Beginners. The product name is called Vmware and the software looks with name as Vmware ESXi with its version, the recent version of vmware Esxi is 5.5.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Vmware VSphere Client Management Tools Installation - Vmware

VMWARE VSPHERE CLIENT                     

                            VMware vSphere Client is an application it helps that enables the management of a vSphere Installation. The Purpose of  Vsphere Client is to connect the ESXi sever by directly and it provides an administrator access with the Vmware ESXi.

                                This is the tutorial continue with previous blog of Vmware ESXi If you want refer here Installation Of Vmware ESXi 5.1. Once Vmware ESXi was configured and then think, How to connect that ESXi as a administrator? That is achieved with help of tool available from Vmware website and it called as "Vmware Vsphere Client".

VMware VSphere Client – Step By Step Installation Guide