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How To Install Vmware ESXi 5.1 on Vmware Workstation - Type-2 Hypervisor

Before I Proceed with Install the Vmware ESXi on Vmware Workstation  to setup an Virtualization Layer for an cloud environment.You people should aware of virtualization. Why we need this? What's using by using this Vmware tool of virtualization? so you please Refer my Previous Blog for your Better Understand Read More on my another blog of Virtualization .........

I hope now you get more knowledge on Virtualization, It basically represents the "separate the operating system from Hardware". Here, I suggest you to go for Vmware product to setup an virtualization layer for an successful and easy to usage  for a Beginners. The product name is called Vmware and the software looks with name as Vmware ESXi with its version, the recent version of vmware Esxi is 5.5.


           Vmware is an software company that provides the tool for cloud and virtualization software and services. Vmware is the Free open source product. You can download the vmware ESXi from the following link of vmware portal Click To start Downloading. You choose the vmware ESXi version you want to use it but I suggest you to use Vwmare Esxi 5.1. 
Get Free Trail to Download

Before your download start that vmware community ask to login to proceed download the Vmware ESXi software. The period of software usage for free trail is only 90 days and also vmware provide option for license pay to use it ie.., You need to pay for them that depends on your usage and period of vmware ESXi need to use it. 

VMware ESXi 5.1 – Step By Step Installation Guide Of Type-2 Hypervisor

I know that VMWARE ESXi articles are missing in UnixArena. In upcoming days you can expect many VMWARE ESXi related articles and here let me start with vmware ESXi 5.1 Installation with step by step guide. 

Installation of Vmware ESXi is done by Two ways ie.., Type-1 Hypervisor and Type-2 Hypervisor about this I was explain it on my previous blog click here to know. Here, I'm going to guide you on to install Type2 Hypervisor  ie..,Your ESXi can install it on Guest machine not in a Host Machine this is the method called Type2 Hypervisor

Let Start now for install Type-2 Hypervisor ESXi of Vmware ESXi 5.1,

Step-1 Download the Vmware Workstation tool to setup a Type-2 Hypervisor. click here to start Download.

choose the Platform you using either "windows" or "Linux" depends on you to start download. To Download it's ask Vmware user  login, use as same as you used for ESXi login.

Step:2 Once downloaded and start installing of basic things to completed. Finally, you can see the homepage of the vmware workstation as same as below screen.

Step:3 Now your setup was ready to configure Type-2 Hypervisor for that need to install ESXi on your vmware workstation.

Step:4 By hitting Create new virtual machine on your home page of Vmware Workstation.
Step:5 choose "custom" and click Next to proceed.

Step:6 Upload your "ESXi Iso" file into Vmware Workstation and this is will be done by clicking "Installer disc image file(ISO)" to start browse to located the ESXi file located on your desktop.

Step:7 Allocated the Disk storage space for ESXi By default 40GB was allocated and if want you can increase the size of Disk Space.

Step:8 Here is the description for your supporting to create virtual machine and here you can modify the disk size, memory you need, Type of network for that Hit Customize Hardware.

Step:9 In my case, I specified memory as 2GB i recommend you to fix minimum 4GB for efficient usage and you can change network type too like Instead using NAT you can use Host Adapter.

Step:10 All done, now your New Virtual Machine of Vmware ESXi was created and you can see the same screen  on your desktop. Just Click power on this virtual machine to start install.

Step:11 whoops!!!.... I get Error Like as below screen. Don't worry most of them getting the same error because of you didn't Enable the VT-X that is virtualization should be support to your performance.

Step:12 Shutdown the system and Go to the Boot Option from their you can see the Intel<R> Virtualization  that should Enable and then save to exit. Then You try to run a ESXi virtual Machine to get started for installation.

Step:13 Once the power on to install virtual machine then the ESXi 5.1 installer will load the necessary files for installation.

Step:14 Once all the modules are loaded successfully this will done take for a minutes that depends on your network speed. Al-last you will get the screen  as same as following image with related to    your sever  Configuration details.

Step:15 All Going well and then simply continue with the installation by just hitting enter to proceed   with install the Vmware Esxi.
Step:16 By default,you have to accept the license to continue the installation by pressing F11.
Step:17 Selecting the available disk in which you would like to install VMware ESXi 5.1 and the must be ensure yourself it requires minimum 4 to 5 GB disk space and Enter to continue.

Step:18 Select the keyboard language that best matches you to proceed further.

Step:19 Provide password for security reason and remember yourself root is the default password.
Step:20 It gathering information about the system, before copying the files to system

Step:21 Installer ask you to confirm to configure the vmware ESXi ie alert you to remove all files         which you selected Disk earlier to install new file of Vmware ESXi.By pressing F11 to Install

Step:21 Once You the screen it means installation was begins started and it takes long time to install

Step:22 Finally, You seen this following screen which is ask to "REBOOT"  to complete the       installation of Vmware Esxi was completed. After that reboot, You can logging with your         secret password to use Vmware Esxi 5.1.

Step:23 After Reboot, Vmware ESXi was start booting from the your hard disk to completely up!.. 

Note:   VMware vSphere Client is an application it helps that enables the management of a vSphere Installation. The Purpose of  Vsphere Client is to connect the ESXi sever by directly and it provides an administrator access with the Vmware ESXi. This was I explain it on my previous blog Click Here To Start Learn

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