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Vmware VSphere Client Management Tools Installation - Vmware

VMWARE VSPHERE CLIENT                     

                            VMware vSphere Client is an application it helps that enables the management of a vSphere Installation. The Purpose of  Vsphere Client is to connect the ESXi sever by directly and it provides an administrator access with the Vmware ESXi.

                                This is the tutorial continue with previous blog of Vmware ESXi If you want refer here Installation Of Vmware ESXi 5.1. Once Vmware ESXi was configured and then think, How to connect that ESXi as a administrator? That is achieved with help of tool available from Vmware website and it called as "Vmware Vsphere Client".

VMware VSphere Client – Step By Step Installation Guide

Let Start with Installation Of vSphere Client,

vSphere Client Hardware Requirements

  • CPU           -  1 CPU
  • Processor    -  500MHz or faster Intel or AMD processor(1GHz Recommend)
  • Memory      - 1GB RAM
  • Networking - Gigabit Connection
  • OS               - Windows Server 2008 
  • Disk Storage -  1.5GB free disk space for a complete installation, which                Include Following Compents,
Microsoft .NET 2 <--  
 Microsoft J 2.0 <--
Microsoft .NET 3.0 SP2 <--             
 Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 <--              

Note: If You do have above component already installed, You must remove and make free space of 400 MB on the drive that has the %temp% directory.

Step:1 Once Installation of Vmware ESXi on server, you notify the Host IP address that showed in following image to refer. It says to "Download tools to manage this host from this IP"

Step:2 From Your Browser window, copy that DHCP IP address and paste it into your browser window. It warning you security issues, by simply hitting continue to proceed. 

Step:3 Now Under the image as same as you get and then simply hitting download Vsphere Client to start download.

Step:4 Download begins started it takes few minutes that depends on your network speed.

Step:5 Select Your language to install the Vmware Vsphere client.

Step:6  Simply provide the next button to proceed with install vsphere Client.

Step:7 You need to agree with agreement of vmware End User License agreement and it done by hitting as like as shows image under here,

Step:8  Locate the folder you wish to store a Vmware Vsphere Client or else by default you install under the Infrastructure

Step:9 Vsphere Client loading the necessary files and you need to wait for a while it finish.

Step:10 Finally You Completed with Installation of Vmware Vsphere Client.

 Step:11 After that you open your Vsphere Client Either it locates in Desktop or else open it by  START--> PROGRAMS--> VMWARE--> VMware vSphere Client 

Step:11 Once following screen appears that you need to provide login details for using the Vmware ESXi. By default username is your "root", IP address is your ESXi server IP address and provide your password while install Vmware ESXi 5.1. 

Step:12  It just a Security warning for vSphere Client and you just hitting Ignore button to proceed further.

Step:13 That's it You finished, It alert you about license usage of free tier is only 60 days and simply ignore that. By hitting "Inventory" to access your Vmware ESXi 5.1

Step:14 Now You Connected with your ESXi and for verifying you can see at the left side of screen shows IP address that matches your ESXi so that its ensure It's Your's.

Step:15 Lot of option you can see like Summary it describes about internal memory and Datastore, virtual Machines it represent the no of virtual machine are running, Resource Available, Events, Configuration, Local User & Groups, Performance, Permissions.

Watch It On Youtube Vmware VSphere Client  

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