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Easy Steps To create Windows Image Using Virto Manager On Eucalyptus with Picture

Once You successfully Installed  Eucalyptus called (Cloud-In-A-Box) on your system. Next, your thinking is How To create windows instances? this same question arises on my mind when I doing this? Don't worry here is the following steps to do this same. Before creating windows machine that you should know why we do this? Because by default only Centos Image only available on your Eucalyptus Installed System.  

Before going to create "windows 2008 image", Please go through the following instructions carefully.
Step 1: Ensure yourself to stopped the NC service on the server/System on which, where you are going to create new Windows 2008 Imaging.
  •  Create  a  Newfolder under /root directory  and copy the required software window2K8 iso image, virtio driver and Eucalyptus windows Image Integration tool  to that Newfolder.
Step 2: Make sure that  you have all the required package have been installed on NC  machine to run virt-manager. To setup this refer this blog Single-Steps-to-install-virtual-machine-manager-On-Linux-Machine. and Launch the virt-manger console from  Linux GUI session.

 Step 3 Please select a standard name to your windows image and use the same name while registering the Image to walrus. choose anyone from the below name and use it for further register by without modify your image names. It's very to important!!!!.....
          Ex: windows200server,  windows20008r2server,  windows2008r2stnd.

Step 4: Click on browse and locate the Windows ISO image.


Step 5: Change the CPU and RAM  values as per your availability. I suggest you to have at-least 8GB RAM of your Physical Machine and choose 4GB RAM to start Install. 

Step 6: The minimum Hard disk size required for Windows 2K8 image is 17 GB.

Step 7: Please check the box " Customize configuration before install" and do not change any settings in "Advanced options" and by default it's be an "NAT".

Step 8 Click on the disk option shown on left pane and change the "Disk bus" option to "Virtio" on right hand side window and apply the settings. Please see the below shown image for reference.

Step 9: Click on the NIC option in the left pane and change the "Device model" option  to  "Virtio" and don't forget to Apply the settings at the bottom.

Step  10: Click on "Begin Installation".  Now the windows 2K8 installation process starts.  I hope you know basics on how to install windows OS in a your machine/server similar way you continue the OS installation and provide required information.

Step  10: Do not get panic, If you do not see Hard disk drive while performing OS installation. You need to install virtio drivers during the OS installation in order to recognize Virtio HDD in OS.   

Step 11:Now click on the VM (Virtual Manager) details option looks (small icon with "i" symbol) on top---> select "IDE CDROM"---> click disconnect option on the right hand side ---> again click connect option --> ones pop up window would display ----> locate the Virtio drives copied in you OS (/root/folder).

Step  11: Now go to your windows installation screen and click "browse" option shown at the bottom and click on "CD ROM "--->expand the CD----> select  Win7 so the same refer below image.

Step  12: Uncheck the box "Hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware on this computer"  and select all drivers  by  holding the control key on the keyboard --- >click on Next.

Step  13: Once the drivers installation is over  and then go back to VM details option "(small  "i" icon)  and select ---> CD ROM----> click disconnect  and again click connect -----> locate your OS of windows ISO image.
  • Now come back to same window ( HDD widnow)  and click on refresh option. Then  select the  HDD and click on next.

 Step  14 :Log into your windows VM with  new password which you have changed on the first login.

Step 15: Now click on the VM details option (" small "i" icon) on top,  and go to  CDROM and locate your Eucalyptus windows integration ISO image.
To do this step, Again I'm guide on my next blog, please refer here Windows IMG file Creation for create a windows Image and its Instance in Eucalyptus.

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  2. and my main problem is :
    i really dont know what is the suitable security protocol that could be use in a cloud enviroment....
    could anybody name a several so that i can try to install?

    1. Hello..
      You choose Eucalyptus to start install for more information refer my blog From here you may found protocol and security details...

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  4. Hello... Always Welcome To Help You.... You Looking for Install Eucalyptus, Please find this link to start Install

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