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How to Create Windows (.img) File Using Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool

This is the continuation of my previous blog about to Create Windows (.img) File Using Eucalyptus Windows Integration Tool, before Getting into start Using Virto Manager to Create Windows OS

Now, I hope you aware of create windows OS on using Virto Manager. Once this steps is completed you need to create IMG file of windows OS so that only you able to create Image and Run the Instances on Eucalyptus.Now, Your question is how to do this? so following steps help to create the IMG of the windows OS. This is the tool which is called "Eucalyptus Integration Tool" by using this we can able to  create the IMG file Of windows OS. DO why we Doing this? Because Eucalyptus will only support an IMG file of file to create the Instance in Eucalyptus.

Still, you people hard to understood, so that i'll explain with example. See, if You wants to Configure a Operating System to your Desktop or Laptop, you should need ISO file for your respective Operating System going to configure on your machine. By the same if you wants to create OS like Windows, Linux... so that Eucalyptus support IMG of your respective Operating System.

Lets, start with Installation and Create a IMG file of windows OS, 
Step:1 Now click on the VM details option (" small "i" icon) on top,  and go to  IDE CDROM in left side and locate your Eucalyptus windows integration ISO image, which you downloaded early.

Step 2: Click on the " open files and folder"  pop-up window. Click on "setup" to proceed with installation and do the basic thing of hit "Next" to continue.

Step 3: choose "KVM" to proceed Install and this is the reason of supporting your Hypervisor.

Step 4: Check the box that "Always trust software from Red Hat" and proceed with Install.

Step 5: By hitting Finish button to complete the process of Driver and Exit to Finish the Installation Of Eucalyptus Integration Tool.

Step 6: From Your windows machine On VM, Click on start button and  select "All programs" ---> select  Eucalyptus folder and expand it. Click on Eucasetup.
Step 7: Click the "Run Sysprep"

Note: About Sysrep:
"Sysprep prepares a Windows installation (Windows client and Windows Server) for imaging, allowing you to capture a customized installation. Sysprep removes PC-specific information from a Windows installation, "generalizing" the installation so it can be reused on different PCs "

Step 8: Click yes option  when it prompts you for sysrep setup.

Step 9: Shutdown your  windows VM.  Now get ready to bundle, uploaded it to walrus and image registration.

Step 10: once completed and then locate your IMG file it's located located in root folder of your cloud-in-a-box. Note that IMG file size is 17GB so best thing is have on your backup.

On my next blog, I'll guide you to using this Windows IMF file, Get ready to bundle, uploaded it to walrus and image registration. So that finally you can see windows instances running on your Eucalyptus.

Issacsha: Watch my videos on Youtube - How to Create windoes(.img) file

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