Saturday, 4 October 2014

Two Steps Solution for setup Cloud Computing - Private Cloud using Eucalyptus

All thinking to setup cloud, what is cloud-computing? that you people looking for have resources like (Application, Storage, Network....)  in your cloud environment so that once you are ready with cloud then your are the admin of your cloud. Now sounds good!.. But your thinking is How can I do this? 

If you feel hard to understood, here i'm trying to saying to setup PRIVATE CLOUD to know more about this Read More On my Previous Blog.

STEP-1 You people need to setup the virtualization layer, Read more on my previous blog  virtualization-in-cloud-computing. Simply virtualization called as "separating the operating system from your Hardware" (or)  Running a number of virtual machine on your Hardware that looks all setup as virtually. If want to setup virtualization refer my previous blog about how-to-install-vmware-esxi?

The demonstrates of the OS Virtualization is well and good, but it Does not really qualify as a cloud solution as you thinking. Beginners all thinking that vmware setup done their expecting of cloud so it's an wrong statement. While OS Virtualization in one form or the other (VMWare, XEN, Solaris 11 Zones) is a critical element in Cloud Infrastructure, it isn't the cloud. The most important attribute of a cloud infrastructure is ELASTICITY: the ease at which OS or the application components above it (Application Server, databases etc.) can be provisioned to the clients on a demand bases and perform destruction of it once it's usage is done. 

STEP-2 Now we begin to actual thing of cloud solution For that converting the above setup to a cloud infrastructure, you'll have to create enough of OS Virtual Machine templates (plus applications in it if you are planning for provide services like SAAS, PAAS, IAASRead more on Blog About Services and then use Cloud software's to manage it.

There are some open source cloud software's that are available which you could look at:
                            - Apache Cloud Stack (is a freeware)
                             - Eucalyptus is also a very popular cloud software:

Here I suggest you to take of EUCALYPTUS to setup a private cloud.

I hope You aware on what I trying to say? Once every thing is done!.. Your ultimate goal is to provisioning that resources to your clients ie.., User will request what they need? to cloud admin. so it could be done using the well known tool called Eucalyptus, to configure this tool refer my previous Blog  Eucalyptus (Cloud-In-A-Box) Installation.

Once, You installed Eucalyptus Successfully so that you ready to provisioning the your available Resources in cloud by the services like IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. 

Stay touch with me, further I'll explain on How to do Provisioning to Your user? as a admin this blog i'll cover it on near by future.

Hope U All Understood!.....  Thank For Spend Time here!....

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