Saturday, 15 November 2014

How To Bundle, Upload & Register the Windows IMG file Into Eucalyptus (Cloud-In-A-Box)

In My Previous Blog, To Be part Of continuation of  Windows Instance Creation  in the Eucalyptus (Cloud). If you all thinking on this Same, below steps will help you to Run the windows Image on Eucalyptus. Before start that you people aware of Three Thing. ie.., Bundle, Upload and Register. Bundle and Upload the windows IMG Disk image will store in the Walrus that is the storage area in Eucalyptus simply related to AWS of S3( Simple, Storage, Service). Finally, By Register the windows Image will make upload into the Eucalyptus for Run the Windows Instances.

Step-1 Locate your Directory, under where You have "windows IMG" file. To do this open Terminal from your Linux Machine and refer my follow Image.

Output Screen:

Step-2 Now, you need to bundle the Image into warlus.

Syntax: euca-bundle-image -i <vm_image_file>
Note:  [VM_Image file] is an "windows2008r2stnd.img"
Image bundling process takes longer time (15-20 min) as the size of the image is huge (17GB).
Output Screen:
warning: this image is larger than 10 GB.  It will not work in EC2. The Process of Bundle the Image,
Checking image......
Compressing image.....
Encrypting image.......

Once the Bundle process was completed and then it generates the "Manifest file" it locates under the /tmp folder.This File Looks same as above output Screen.

Step-3 Next step is uploading the Image to walrus.

Syntax: euca-upload-bundle -b <image_bucket> -m /tmp/<vm_image_file>.manifest.xml
Note: [Image_bucket] is an " Manifest file is an output of Last Command"
Output Screen:

Step-4  Now the last step and most important step is image registration.

I have already explained about this in My Previous Blogger.
Note:  your image name must  start with "windows" , if you do not start with window your  instance will not launch.
Ex:  windows200server,   windows20008r2server,  windows2008r2stnd
We have two option to Register the Image either with image name or else without Image name.

Without  giving image name:
Syntax:euca-register <image_bucket>/<vm_image_file>.manifest.xml
[root@cloud images]# [root@cloud images]# euca-register Windbucket/windows2008r2stnd.img.manifest.xml
IMAGE    emi-5F873AE7

With Image name:
Syntax: euca-register <image_bucket>/<vm_image_file>.manifest.xml  -n [windows images name]
[root@cloud images]# euca-register Windbucket/windows2008r2stnd.img.manifest.xml -n windows2008r2stnd
IMAGE    emi-5F873AE7

Note: EMI - Eucalyptus Machine Image

On my next blog, will be very Interesting For you.  I will guide you to using this Image File (EMI), ready to Run the Windows Instance.So that finally you can see windows instances running on your Eucalyptus Cloud Environment.

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