Wednesday, 19 November 2014

How To Launch/Run windows Instances In Eucalyptus Using Instance store-backed Instances

In Previous Blog, Explained early How To Create Image file (IMG) for Windows In Eucalyptus. Now, today really going to see very Interesting that the continuation of  Image creation which is explained as earlier blogger. Once EMI (Eucalyptus Machine Image)  is ready for the any instance like windows, Linux...

Then, you Need to Run that created EMI image file for windows Instance Running in your Cloud Environment ie.., simply called the setup of Private cloud for accessing the windows Instance.

Step:1 Create a security group and add a rule to allow 3389 port (RDP) - Remote Desktop Protocol
  I hope You aware of that, If you wants to access the Windows Machine need RDP connection so that the corresponding Port will be the 3389.
Syntax: euca-add-group  <group_name>  -d <Description>

[root@cloud images]# euca-create-group TestWindows -d "This is a group created for Windows Group"


Step:2 By using Security Group, Authorize To access the windows machine and add rule 3389 Port.
The file name of the output is an .pem,  which is Keypair generated file helps to decrypt the password for logIn into the windows Instance.
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Syntax: euca-authorize  -p  <protocol>  -p  <port-number>  -s  <CIDR_Network_IPaddress> <group_name>

[root@cloud images]# euca-authorize -P tcp -p 3389 -s TestWindows


Step:3 Create a key-pair for windows image. The purpose of creating this Key pair will helps to decrypt the windows login password.

Syntax:  euca-create-keypair  keypair_name  -f  --filename

[root@cloud images]# euca-create-keypair Windkey -f Windkey.pem


Step:4 Finally, You ready to launch the windows Instances to setup the private cloud.

Syntax: euca-run-instances -k <Keypair_name> -g <security group> -t <instance type> <image name>

[root@cloud images]# euca-run-instances -k windkey -g Testwin -t m2.2xlarge emi-5F873AE7

          Keypair_name  : which you created earlier In my case "windkey".
          Security_group : which is either left as default or else create new group using command, In my case                                          "TestWindows".
          Instance Type    : which is Choose the Name Of instance types matches your availabilty, like the                                                     Number of CPU, Memory Size (RAM), HardDisk Size that you need to follow                                                         with the Eucalyptus standard , please find the following details,

EMI (Eucalyptus Machine Image) ?- You may found this details on my previous Blogger.

After Run the Command to run the windows instances, wait for 5 to 10 Min because windows instances need to boot,  that depends on your system performance and the size of the windows Image you created for  In my case,  created with 17 GB Size of Windows           
From the Above output, you can notified that green color highlighted is called the Instance Id for your windows machine, even that is the username for the Login into the windows when RDP access.

Step: 5 After that, You need to Run the following Commands again to check the status of your instances ready.
[root@cloud images]#euca-describe-instances

Now, you may notify that the Instances is changed from the Pending status to Running Status.  If so you setup of private cloud for windows Instances has been Ready. Now, you can access this windows machine within your intranet access.

Note: You May seen that IP address are assign for your windows instances which is running on your cloud platform of Eucalyptus.

On My next Post, I will explain you to access or connect this windows instances using the RDP- Remote Desktop Protocol.

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